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Lava Blue is developing a range of high purity materials for use in the manufacture of advanced batteries and other renewable energy technologies such as photovoltaic cells.


Value adding Australian energy minerals

Twenty first century energy systems need a wide variety of critical minerals, all of which Australia can supply, but few that we currently process onshore. Lava Blue is changing that – value adding Australian minerals to help satisfy the demands of the rapid global shift to clean energy. The first product we are bringing to market is High Purity Alumina via our licensees. Research underway will add other critical minerals processing and products to our portfolio of high value materials in the near term.


Lava Blue in collaboration with QUT are pursuing research into enabling technologies for manufacturing high purity and high value specialty materials.


High purity analysis

You can't manufacture high purity materials if you can't qualify them. We are developing methods for high purity analysis of a range of materials.

Value from waste

Waste streams such as mine tailings and from our own processes can be valuable sources of materials. We are developing processes to recover them, saving resources and money.

Zero emissions processing

Traditional processing methods rely on fossil fuels for heat and feedstocks. Materials for the clean energy transition should be processed using clean energy. We are researching methods to eliminate emissions from all our processes.

Designing new materials

We are developing methods to precisely control material properties to create highly specialised novel materials.





Lava Blue's Centre for Predictive Research into Specialty Materials (PRiSM) at Redlands in Brisbane was built to investigate and demonstrate scaling up of processing steps for high purity materials. PRiSM combines research, development and demonstration capabilities in a sensor rich, machine learning capable facility.

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