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February 26, 2024

Queensland Battery Industry Strategy Released

Rosemary Barnes

Rosemary Barnes

Queensland released its Battery Industry Strategy last Friday, marking a significant milestone in the state's journey towards becoming a key player in the global battery industry. This strategic document outlines a vision and a concrete plan to leverage Queensland's abundant natural resources and robust manufacturing capabilities. Aimed at propelling the state onto the global stage, the strategy showcases Queensland's readiness to embrace innovative technologies and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of energy storage and battery production.

Lava Blue’s role in Queensland's battery ecosystem

Lava Blue welcomes the strategy and is enthusiastic about the significant role we are poised to play in this transformative initiative. As a key player in advancing Queensland's battery ecosystem, our collaborative efforts, particularly in research and mineral processing capabilities, have been recognized in a case study featured in the strategy document. This case study highlights Lava Blue's partnership with QUT, focusing on the development of High Purity Alumina (HPA) from sapphire-bearing kaolin clay deposits in North West Queensland.

HPA is a critical component in the manufacture of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and plays a vital role in enhancing the performance and safety of lithium-ion batteries. Our work, alongside strategic collaborations with Queensland Pacific Metals, Vecco Group, and Critical Minerals Group, is set to add significant value to Queensland's burgeoning battery industry. These partnerships aim not only to innovate in the field of mineral processing but also to transform waste streams into high-value commercial products, exemplifying the integrated approach Queensland is taking to establish a comprehensive and sustainable battery supply chain.

battery strategy at prism

The Honourable Grace Grace MP, Minister for State Development, Infrastructure, and Industrial Relations, visiting Lava Blue's PRiSM facility, accompanied by Ms Kim Richards, Member for Redlands, Michael McCann, and Mr Don Brown, Member for Capalaba

Battery Industry Strategy details

The Queensland Battery Industry Strategy is a comprehensive roadmap designed to harness the state's abundant critical minerals and accelerate growth of its existing battery materials and cell manufacturing enterprises. By channeling approximately $570 million into strategic investments over the next five years, Queensland aims to ignite innovation, catalyse further investment and growth, and assert its prominence on the global stage. The funding is allocated across three themes:

  1. Innovating and commercialising advanced battery technologies;
  2. Fostering investment to integrate and expand the battery industry;
  3. Positioning Queensland as a leading hub for battery production and advanced materials on the international market.

Central to the strategy is Queensland's vision to cultivate a sustainable battery supply chain that meets the burgeoning demand for energy storage solutions, essential for the renewable energy sector and specialised industries like defense and mining. This forward-looking plan is built on the foundation of extensive industry consultation and existing commitments, aiming to bolster the entire battery value chain from material production to advanced recycling techniques. As Queensland lays down the groundwork for this industry, it is looking to carve a niche in producing medium-duration and high-performance battery technologies. The state intends to emerge as a preferred supplier of advanced battery materials to key markets across Europe, North America, and the ASEAN region.

In alignment with the Queensland New-Industry Development Strategy, the battery sector is earmarked as a pivotal industry, with the potential to generate substantial economic benefits and create thousands of jobs by 2030. Queensland's rich mineral resources, integral to battery components, combined with developing capabilities in cell manufacturing and battery assembly, present significant opportunities for integration into global value chains.

The strategy also underscores the importance of responsible battery stewardship, emphasising the need for innovative approaches to battery reuse, repurposing, and recycling. This focus is crucial in meeting the evolving demands of global battery markets and ensuring environmental sustainability.

As we embark on this exciting journey, the Queensland Battery Industry Strategy stands as a tangible pillar of the state's commitment to innovation, sustainability, and global leadership in the battery industry. We invite you to explore the full strategy document to discover more about Queensland's vision for a future powered by advanced battery technologies.