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Lava Blue's Centre for Predictive Research into Specialty Materials (PRiSM) at Redlands in Brisbane was built to investigate and demonstrate scaling up of processing steps for high purity materials. PRiSM combines research, development and demonstration capabilities in a sensor rich, machine learning capable facility.


Predictive Research into Specialty Materials

The multipurpose Demonstration Plant facility is perfecting HPA production and test methods, materials of construction and materials handling systems, integrating machine learning with QA/QC processes and market intelligence.

PRiSM is currently producing samples of high purity materials for licensees to test in the market, and to inform engineering design of full-scale production facilities.

However this is not a pilot plant designed to prove a process and then be turned off. PRiSM has a very high degree of experimental flexibility and is developing additional capabilities to develop new processes and materials that includes integration of machine learning capabilities onto the production floor.

Accelerated by machine learning

Our cornerstone research, development and demonstration plant is fully instrumented with machine learning capabilities to rapidly scale and perfect HPA production and test methods.

Powered by Clean Energy

PRISM is powered by 200kW of solar power at site, and will soon have a 1.25MW/ 250kWh novel containerised battery on site making it one of the first solar powered battery integrated light industrial facilities in Australia.

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