Critical minerals processing for the 21st century energy economy

Welcome to Lava Blue: Providing high purity, high value speciality materials for the energy transition.


Value adding Australian minerals for the global shift to clean energy

Lava Blue is developing processes for manufacturing very high purity materials needed for the energy transition.

High Purity Alumina

Lava Blue's first product is High Purity Alumina, a highly specialized material that Lava Blue can produce from various aluminum sources

Flexible feedstocks

The Lava Blue HPA process can accept a wide variety of aluminium rich feedstocks including kaolin clay and mine wastes.

High value metals

We are investing in ways to process cobalt, manganese, silicon metal, and other high-value elements, including some from mine wastes

Queensland exploration

Lava Blue has developed a portfolio of highly prospective exploration and mining permits across Queensland.

Smarter processing

Lava Blue is investing in the use of machine learning for critical mineral research, modelling and processing.

High Purity Alumina is our foundation for sustained materials science success

Lava Blue has been methodically de-risking the scale up of proprietary processes for manufacturing High Purity Alumina. A cornerstone asset of the company is our research, development and demonstration plant in Brisbane that allows us to scale and perfect HPA production and test methods, and to develop options for downstream value adding to HPA.

Science Strategy

Develop commercially valuable core intellectual property

Scale-up Strategy

Develop and demonstrate new products for licensees

Partnership Strategy

Collaborate and align with best-in-class

We’re solving complex problems

Lava Blue engages the services of approximately 25 FTE postgraduate, doctoral and professorial level researchers and advisors at Queensland University of Technology.

Facilities at QUT dedicated to the Lava Blue project include fully equipped laboratory space and access to the world class instrumentation at QUT’s Analytical Research Facility.

Industrial intelligence

We are value adding HPA by developing expertise in HPA applications such as manufacturing ceramic coated membranes for battery separators and manufacturing sapphire glass.


99.99+% Pure Alumina production is claimed by some in the market to be relatively simple, but it is very challenging to scale. Lava Blue has been methodically de-risking the scale up of proprietary HPA processes.

Property Portfolio


Cloncurry Industrial Minerals Pty Ltd

Cloncurry Industrial Minerals Pty Ltd (CIM) controls a greater than 7 million tonne high purity quartz resource on the edge of Cloncurry which is presently being studied for suitability to feed asilicon metal smelter using charcoal as the reductant.

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