HPQ Resources

Cloncurry Industrial Minerals EPM 26161 hosts a >6 million tonne resource of high purity crystalline quartz, > 99.5% pure silica, the starting point for silicon metal and silicon products of all sorts. The outcropping deposit, known as HJ Reef, is barely a ten minute drive from the main street of Cloncurry. The location in the North West Minerals province boasts one of the highest annual insolation rates (availability of sunlight) in the world, making it a perfect place to develop a silicon products industry powered with solar power and local energy storage. This unique combination of resource  purity, abundant solar power, nearby transport infrastructure and being sited immediately adjacent a historical mining community, underpins Lava Blue’s confidence in the value of this project in a carbon constrained world.


Like other critical minerals for 21st century energy systems, the demand for high purity silicon metal is growing. So is demand for lower grades of metallurgical silicon that used to make light weight alloys for instance the famous Tesla 3 boasts a lightweight aluminium-silicon alloy for much of the frame. Growth in demand for silicon products of all types continues to develop, sometimes as unexpected outcomes of other technical and economic changes. Lava Blue is exploring a range of options to use the HJ Reef resource to catalyse a high purity silicon products industry in Cloncurry.


North Queensland Exploration 

Lava Blue acquired a portfolio of exploration and mining permits though the purchase of the Mt Rosey Mining Company Pty Ltd, and more recently Cloncurry Industrial Minerals Pty Ltd. Permits currently held are prospective for manganese, cobalt and a range of other critical minerals.


Lava Blue is focussed on developing projects in the North Queensland Mineral Province, a region with economic deposits of nearly every mineral currently used in modern batteries.


Exploration Permits

As a north Queensland focused battery minerals company Lava Blue will use CIM to explore for a range of other battery minerals in the North West Minerals Province, a region with economic deposits of almost every mineral required for modern batteries.


CIM presently has two extensive EPMs that are prospective for a range of battery minerals and is maintaining an active watch on other mineral opportunities across the region.